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18′ Airstream Wanderer - Vintage Trailer, unrestored
Kategorie: Verkauf / Sale / Vente
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Preis:now sold/ verkauft
Body / Total: 4,6 / 5,8 m
TÜV:auf Wunsch
Dimension extern:575 x 220 x 260 cm
Dimension intern:445 x 208 x 199 cm
Leergewicht:ca. 1.000 Kg
Zul. Gesamtgewicht:auf Wunsch
Zustand aussen:restaurationsbedürftig
Zustand innen:möbliert
Standort:Hamburg / Germany

now sold/ verkauft

Schöner unverbastelter Vintage Trailer mit guter Substanz. Generalüberholung, Umbau oder Restauration nach Rücksprache und Planung möglich.

Original Beschreibung des Vorbesitzers

Description of the pre-owner: Has a very original and straight exterior. Has the original Hehr brand aluminum windows. All of the exterior lights are original and in pretty decent shape but showing some wear. A non-factory bumper has been added to the rear but besides being rusty looks pretty cool. This trailer is has riveted construction for long life and durability.
Bumper, Frame, & A-frame: Has 3 inch channel frame and a frame which has surface rust but looks good and solid in all areas assessable for inspection. A non-original bumper has been added to the rear of the trailer which has surfaced rust but otherwise it seems to be solid.
Compartment Door/Keys: Has the original trunk door in the rear which is in good shape. No keys.
Dents, Scratches & Damage: Has some small wrinkles on the curbside front lower corner. There a very small dent on the street side lower corner. Has a shallow scratch on the street side above and in front of the wheel. There are several areas that have some pretty severe oxidation. The bottom wraps have your typical damage with holes and corrosion. Overall this little vintage airstream has a pretty decent exterior skin.
Entry Door/Keys: Has the original aluminum entry door. Has the door within the door for the screen, which is a nice feature. Has the original steel hinges which are rusty but still function fine. Has the original L handle type door latch which appears to be working fine, no keys. There is some oxidation at the bottom of the opening portion of the entry door on the interior of the door. Has old seals which will need to be replaced.
Entry Step: No
Front Hoist: Yes. Has been replaced and has surface rust but is in working order.
Hitch Coupler: Yes, original in working order.
Roof: Has the original aluminum roof which all appears to be in good shape with no apparent damage however it does need cleaned. Has the original Hehr brand roof vents which both crank up and down. The original furnace vent is missing but is covered now to prevent water from getting in.
Screen Door: Has the screen door within the door. It appears to be in good shape. It does open and close fine. There is some oxidation on the interior portion of this opening door.
Tail, License & Marker Lights: Has the original CM Hoof brand marker lights. I do not see any cracks in the lenses but they are showing some wear. Has the original Bargman brand Trail-Lite #6 taillights. The chrome bezel′s are rusty and the lenses have stress cracks. Has the original aluminum Bargman brand license plate light which is in good shape. The glass lenses are in good shape. The bracket has some surface rust but is still good and solid.
Underbelly: Has the original aluminum underbelly which appears to be in decent shape. It looks like someone has under coated it so it′s sort of hard to tell if there is corrosion there.
Window Glass/Seals: Has the original Hehr brand aluminum windows which pop open with a lever. All windows do have glass, no Plexiglas and there is no broken, cracked or missing glass. All windows do open and close fine however they do have old seals which will probably need to be replaced.
This trailer was rescued from a woods where it once served as a hunting cabin. However, moisture got trapped inside the trailer and did considerable damage. Plus, the mice and squirrels have lived in this trailer ″rent free″ for quite some time so it is sort of nasty. The great thing about this vintage Airstream is that it is very original, very complete. This is by far one of the best floor plans that Airstream ever had. These small 50′s Airstreams are getting very hard to find.
Cabinet - Closet Doors: There may be a few good ones but most of them are bad due to water damage.
Catches: Original and most are in working order.
Countertops: Has original countertops which are in pretty nice condition.
Floor: Floor is soft and about 50% of the trailer. It is especially bad in the rear underneath the bed.
Floor Covering: Has tile and bare plywood in poor condition.
Table: Has original table which is in good shape but does have some stains at the rear of it.
Unit Sleeps: Room for 4.
Walls: Has the original aluminum walls and ceiling which has severe oxidation in several areas. It looks like most of the interior wall damage is on the front and rear caps. These caps are easy to get to and the old damaged panels could be used for patterns to cut new aluminum. Another potential option would be to cover the interior walls and ceiling with 1/8″ birch paneling. I have seen this done before and it really looked nice.
Bed/Mattresses: Has 48″ x 76″ bed in the rear but no mattress and the plywood board is bad.
Couch/Gaucho: No
Curtains: No
Dinette Cushions: No cushions but dinette converts into a 42″x84″ bed.

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